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  • About The Band

    On December 18, 1992, tragedy struck our law enforcement family in Waterbury. Officer Walter T. Williams III lost his life in the line of duty, and Connecticut lacked a police pipe and drum band to honor him properly. Thankfully, our brothers from the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums stepped in to escort Officer Williams to his final resting place. Inspired by their solidarity, a group of dedicated officers made a solemn vow: never again would we follow; instead, we would lead from the front. Thus, the Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury was born.

    Formed in 1993 by a group of eight Waterbury officers, led by John Kennelly, Dave Jannetty, and Fred Spagnola (now Chief of Police for Waterbury).

    The tartan chosen for our band is the Scottish National Modern. This tartan holds profound symbolic significance, as each color represents different aspects of Scotland's heritage and identity. Predominantly green, with striking red and white stripes, the tartan reflects the lush landscapes of Scotland, the sacrifices made in its numerous battles, and the purity and tranquility of the nation, respectively.

    The addition of dark blue pays homage to the Saltire, Scotland's national flag, which features a white diagonal cross on a blue background. This inclusion serves as a proud nod to Scotland's national emblem and its historical significance. Furthermore, the presence of black in the tartan speaks to the rich tapestry of Scotland's history and cultural heritage.

    It serves as a powerful symbol of national pride and unity, embodying the collective spirit of Scotland and its people. For the Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury, wearing the Scottish National Modern tartan signifies our connection to Scotland's legacy and our dedication to upholding its values of honor, tradition, and unity within the law enforcement community.

    Since our inception, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to the law enforcement community. From participating in countless law enforcement benefits, fundraisers, and memorial services to being a mainstay at National Police Week in Washington, DC—where we've been honored as the "host band" twice. We've honored our pledge to "Never Forget" our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

    Our journey has been rich with diverse performances, from events with well-known celebrities and dignitaries to parades, charitable functions, and even the prestigious West Point Military Tattoo. Along the way, we've earned multiple first-place awards and accolades, including "best pipe band" and "best musical unit," through our participation in judged events.

    As we've evolved over the years, with changes in names, faces, and uniforms, our goal has remained constant: to be the best Police Pipe Band in the state of Connecticut. Most recently, we had the honor of opening for the Mighty Tour II with Gaelic Storm and The High Kings.

    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury continue to serve our community and uphold the legacy of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the badge.

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  • Police Pipes and Drums of Waterbury, Conn.

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